Construction and plan approval is required in Whispering Lakes Estates development. The following items are required by the  Architectural Control before written approval can be provided. Please refer to the covenants on this website for the official building requirements—acceptable exteriors, minimum square footage, windows, roofing, etc.
Items submitted will be approved or rejected in writing on the actual submitted plans. Copies will be made and returned to the home owner/builder as evidence that approval was granted or plans were rejected outright or if further information is required.

Builder Approval:
1. Submit the Builder’s license number and renewal date of the residential builder’s license, and current insurance coverage.
2. A proposed Builder shall hold membership in an organization such as the Wichita Area Builders Association (WABA).
3. Any Builder must be in good standing with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
4. Need a list of at least three previous building addresses with contact information to call for references.

Construction Approval:
1. Submit a full set of floor plans including the basement, main and upper floors with square footage. Plans shall also include front, rear and both side elevations including fascia designs/patterns (brick, stone, etc.) siding shown and roof plan.
2. A site plan of the lot drawn by engineers at GarverUSA or equivalent.
3. A copy of the plan specifications shall also be provided (Spec Sheets) that include the exterior materials to be used, i.e., brick, stone, type of siding, roofing, etc. Exterior colors must be earth tone. Roofing must be Heritage II or equivalent, weathered wood color.
For Developer ACC , contact  C. Linda Mason 316-360-4036

Please refer to the covenants on this website for rules, etc., governing our development.

All outdoor projects (fences, patios, pools, deck changes, removal of trees, etc.) must first be submitted to the Architectural Control Committee for approval. Contact Brittany Bell with HOA Management Services at 316-351-7650, or brittany@homeownermgnt,com for the initial form and notification of specific requirements.

Updated May 2019

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